Jersey Self Catering

Jersey self catering accommodation is the perfect way to discover the many treasures of Jersey. This small island in the British Channel boasts a unique culture that has been influenced by both France and Britain. The island lies 100 miles off the coast of mainland Britain and holiday cottages in Jersey benefit from the warmest summers and mildest winters in the British Isles due to their southerly position. However it is not just the weather that attracts people to Jersey self catering holidays, the glorious beaches and unspoilt countryside of the island combine with historical landmarks and a delightful culture to make it a fabulous holiday destination.

Jersey Accommodation

Families, groups and couples of all ages have plenty of exciting activities available whilst staying in Jersey accommodation. Young children especially love the aMaizin! Maze and Adventure Park, which is constructed every year in a cereal corn crop. There are clues to decipher and as well as the maze there are three go-kart tracks, tractor rides, crazy golf and a Toboggan Run. Adults and children staying in Jersey accommodation can take part in the many exciting activities that are available at the Creepy Valley Activity Centre where there is a military style assault course, laser combat and aerial slides.

Jersey Holiday Cottages

The north and east of the island’s coast is adorned with rock pools and quieter beaches, whilst in the south and west of the island golden sands provide days fun filled days on the beach and there are Jersey holiday cottages all over the island. Further inland, you will find an array of holiday cottages in Jersey that are surrounded by picturesque countryside. Each season brings different wildlife and flowers to the island, whether you are meandering through the country or hiking along coastal paths passing rocky coves, rugged cliffs and picturesque bays, you are guaranteed to see some incredible sights whilst staying in a Jersey holiday cottage.

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Jersey gives you a true all-encompassing island holiday with every facet catered for in abundance. Your day can be spent taking in the beautiful scenery while sightseeing or doing adventure activities, laying on one of its sandy beaches, touring historical and military landmarks, or doing a bit of everything. In the evening, you can explore the exciting sights, smells and sounds of towns like St Helier until the early hours of the morning. Then wake up and do it all over again.

Places to go on Jersey

Jersey’s beautiful landscape of long sandy bays, rolling valleys and rugged cliffs, all surrounded by pristine ocean, provide the perfect backdrop for sight-seeing and sporting activities on land, in the sea and up in the sky. If you want to try something different you should take a cruise along the south coast or rent a motorbike for a ride through the narrow country lanes. Jersey’s location in the English Channel has made it of strategic importance throughout history and the remnants of military defences and other facilities litter its landscape, particularly along the coast. Mont Orgueil Castle protected Jersey against French invasion for 600 years. The entire spectrum of adventure sports and activities is also on offer from jet skiing to rock climbing to sky diving. After a packed day of sightseeing and sports, you should head on into St Helier for a fun evening out on the town. Start with a meal at one of the restaurants serving traditional seafood dishes - moules and spider crab.

Our Top Picks on Jersey

We want you to enjoy the best that Jersey has to offer and so here's a selection of our favourite things to see and do;

Jersey War Tunnels

The German occupation of Jersey and the other Channel Islands during WWII is a dark but fascinating period in the island’s history. The Jersey War Tunnels, previously a German underground hospital, stand as a permanent reminder of the five-year occupation. The structure is made up of more than 1km of tunnels that took almost three and a half years to build and claimed the lives of dozens of slave workers. It is now home to a series of galleries detailing the occupation’s history through the stories of those who lived through it.

aMaizin! Adventure Park

Combine amazing, a maize field and a bunch of amusement rides and, well you guessed it, you get aMaizin! It’s an adventure park built on a field of maize. The popular family tourist attraction includes tractor rides, karting, a toboggan run, crazy golf and more. During the summer months the park also features a maze built entirely out of maize with puzzles and clues to solve along the way. Make sure to bring some snacks with you as there is a picturesque picnic area just outside the park.

Elizabeth Castle

Elizabeth Castle is perched on a rocky islet accessible by foot only during low tide, at other times a ferry is needed to reach the castle. Built in the 16th Century to defend the port of St. Helier from attack, the castle is now a museum holding several centuries of military memorabilia. You can climb the battlements, explore the turrets and get a taste of life in the castle during the 18th Century through re-enactments that include musket firing, cannon firing and civilian life.

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