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Date of stay: July 2019

Excellent location but cottage was in need of updating, decluttering and deep cleaning .
The kitchen cupboards were full of old food, the toilets were difficult to flush and several taps were in need of new washers as dripped constantly.The kitchen was cluttered and there was no space on the worktops to prepare meals and no spare cupboard to store our food.
.The house may have won an award for its design but needs to move on from it's 1990s décor.
Dissapointing stay.

Review by: Lillian Read
Owner Response

The cottage is decorated and in character with the Suffolk vernacular style;It was built in 1993 and the decor and decoration reflect this period as do most houses on the Church Farm development;The photos are an accurate pictures of the house.;Maybe you should have checked before you booked

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