Holiday Cottages in Scotland

Filled with culture, history and stunning natural views; Scotland offers everything you need for an invigorating holiday. With so many sightseeing opportunities there is something to appeal to every traveller no matter what their age or ability. There are a variety of unique holiday cottages in Scotland to choose from and the accommodation listed on our website ranges from converted barns to rural cabins, town houses and apartments. With the properties situated in a range of locations across the country, there are holiday cottages in Scotland available for any type of trip whether it is a family holiday, romantic getaway or a quick break.

Self Catering Scotland

If you like stunning architecture, local charm, a variety of activities and delicious food then make sure to allocate some time to visit the country’s fantastic cities and towns. Self catering cottages in Scotland are also the perfect accommodation if you want to indulge in some of the seasonal festivities that grip the nation, from the exuberant festivals at Hogmanay to the acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Some of the nation’s most stunning attributes are its striking wilderness and natural landscapes. From the comfort of holiday cottages in Scotland, you can admire rolling highlands and valleys, tranquil lochs and breathtaking coastal views.

Bed and Breakfast Scotland

With so many Bed and Breakfast options in Scotland, the rich heritage and culture of this proud country shines through at every opportunity. From the charming harbour towns to rural Highland villages and bustling cities; there are a diverse range of places to enjoy throughout the country. Cities such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow offer great days out where you can indulge in a number of attractions and activities, including excellent shopping facilities and an interesting range of museums and galleries. The towns accessible from our bed and breakfast options in Scotland offer a real insight into traditional Scottish life.

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Scotland boasts some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in the UK – indeed the world. For those who dwell in more built-up parts of the Kingdom, visiting the Isle of Skye or Loch Eilt for the first time can be quite a surprise! But as well as offering stunning backdrops, Scotland has the space for you to do lots of things that can’t always be done in other parts of the country: from angling to hiking, from rock climbing to water-rafting, from kayaking to golf – whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or prefer to sit by a placid mist-covered loch and try your hand at catching a trout, there’s a Scotland for you!

Places to go in Scotland

It’s pretty big, Scotland, and a lot of fascinating towns and villages have popped up in the country’s long history. If you’re thinking cities, then both Edinburgh and Glasgow are sure to keep you busy for many days. The capital, Edinburgh, easily makes the top 10 most beautiful cities in Europe, with over 4,500 listed buildings and a city centre that has very few structures dating from after the turn of the century – there really is nowhere else like it. Glasgow offers a bigger city feel, with a range of superb museums such as the Kelvingrove. Moving north, the multitude of lochs and mountains is sure to take your breath away. The western coast of the country offers some of the most dramatic sights: islands such as Skye and Mull offer access to huge expanses of open mountain-scapes and rugged coastlines, as well as a broad range of wildlife including guillemots, cranes, plovers and heath-hens. And if you’ve never seen a red squirrel before, Scotland is the place to come!

Our Top Picks in Scotland

We want you to enjoy the best that Scotland has to offer and so here's a selection of our favourite things to see and do;

The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

Few streets in Britain – perhaps the world – can boast quite as many old churches, abbeys and houses; it even has a palace and a parliament at the foot of it and a huge castle at the top of it! Even if you experience some typical Scottish weather here (moody clouds and a spot of rain), you’re sure to be fascinated by this street, where every building seems to tell part of the story of Scotland’s history. Do your homework before you arrive and make sure you don’t miss anything!

Three Sisters, Glen Coe

If you’ve never been to Scotland before, you will be amazed by just how beautiful your own country is. A case in point is The Three Sisters, located in the majestic Glen Coe – famed for the bloody massacre of 1692. But such events seem far away once you’re here. There are of course many, many ways you can ascend the valleys between the Three Sisters – and we think you should definitely try one, even if you only go up a short distance. The views are stunning and could be the defining moment of your Scottish holiday!

The Beaches of Scotland

Scottish beaches are a very different proposition to the tourist-covered examples you find in southern Europe. You may have to travel a bit more in order to find the very best ones, but you’ll be glad you did. Blue water and white sand are not uncommon – beaches that seem to be ruled by the wild rather than by people. From the dazzling white beaches of the Hebrides, to little sandy coves on the west coast and wide expanses of soft golden sand on the east – enjoying a Scottish beach is well worth the effort!

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